Box Tops

Clipping box tops is an easy way to raise money for the students of R.C. LaPerche School.

Thank you for clipping Box Tops and saving them throughout the summer months.  If you have not already sent the Box Tops in to your child’s teacher, please do so now.  Please label the bag with the classroom teacher’s name.  The box tops will be sent to the designated “Box Top collection area” where clear bins are labeled for each classroom and one for special areas.  Once a month, Box Tops will be counted and classroom results recorded.    Please consider joining us to bundle and count – please contact Jessica Sylvester, Box Top Coordinator.  Extra help is always appreciated!

Twice a year (October 14th and February 15th) Box Tops are mailed to General Mills to redeem money for LaPerche Elementary.  All box tops collected before October 14th are included in the first check to the school. This friendly contest will run continuously throughout the school year and is intended to encourage students, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. to clip and save.  Special awards are given to the classrooms that collect the most box tops.

Last year this competition and your careful cutting skills helped result in more than $1,400 during the 2010-2011 school year.  This year, the goal is $1,700.

For more information on the Box Tops program, please click here or contact Jessica Sylvester at